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Protip for the younger crowd: don't get too down on life until you finally reach 30. Things progress differently for everyone, of course, but what I'm finding is that I can now pretty easily start to live the life I wanted to live at 20. I know enough about the world now that the challenges aren't quite so difficult to work around.

Admittedly, though, despite my being a grown man, I do still do things like go on dates and then scribble in notebooks about my feelings. This leaves me with a narrative of my life that kind of makes it seem like all I do is get excited by, then let down by, a never-ending procession of lovers who are all vastly different from each other, yet are all named Sarah for some reason. (Parents in the '80s were lazy.) So, that's sort of embarrassing. But, whatever.

My plans in life are sort of weirdly epic, in their way... but the distance from where I am now to where I intend to be is still shorter than the distance from where I started as a teenager to where I am now. (Does that make sense?)

I would be happy to have you try friending me. If you're the demanding sort ("must update daily!" etc.) you may be let down... but I'm generally an interesting and thoughtful person, and I definitely have some stories.

I wish I could make every post public, but in the past I've learned that I've usually found myself making a majority of my posts friends-only.
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